Boys Need Heroes: A Message From the Christian Service Brigade President

Now more than ever boys need heroes. Sometimes those heroes swoop in during a moment of crisis, but often heroes are the men who sacrifice everyday investing in the lives of boys. The month of June Christian Service Brigade, the parent ministry of Valor Parent Magazine will be celebrating these heroes through short videos as men share about the heroes that helped shape them. Below you’ll also find a message from our President in which he shares a recent brush with death that revealed a hero in his life.

I should be dead. That’s what the doctor told me last Saturday Night as she stood in front of me as shocked as I was. My heart and lungs were riddled with blood clots, which didn’t make sense. I am active, in good health, and am used to just pushing through the aches and pains of my 57 year old body. I thought it was a pulled muscle when I woke up Friday morning, but that night the pain got to be bad enough that I had trouble sleeping. But that’s par for the course of middle aged activity right?

I woke up Saturday morning, in pain, but excited to attend my weekly men’s bible study. I consider these men brothers. I’ve known them for over 20 years, many of whom serve together with me in Christian Service Brigade. I have come to know deeply I need this time with my brothers; a little pain was not going to keep me away. I pushed through the pain and drove to the park. Sitting at a picnic table my pain was obvious enough that one of my Brigade brothers off-handedly commented, “it could be a blood clot.” That was a dumb idea. Clearly it was muscular or possibly an infection, nothing serious. But not able to endure the pain, I left the bible study early and drove home to put my leg up. Even a man as stubborn as me can be manipulated by enough pain. I finally gave in and went to the hospital. After a few short tests the hospital staff marveled along with me at how close I had come to death.

This has become an anchor point in my life story, a point to look back on and be grateful. I have another day to fulfill the mission God has given me. More specifically it brought new weight to the importance of the band of brothers I have in Brigade, as well as the role God has given me serving as President of CSB Ministries.   

Throughout the month of June, Brigade will be sharing videos of men honoring their Brigade heroes.  Without hesitation I now know who my hero is. It isn’t actually one man, it’s five. The men who have served alongside me for 20 years and have become my brothers. In addition to the countless ups and downs they have walked through with me,  God used them that Saturday to plant the seed in my head, or I would likely be dead today. Heroes are not always the men who swoop in one time to rescue you. They are often the men who sacrifice in friendship by sticking by you even when you are stubborn!  Every boy needs a hero in his life as he walks the difficult path to manhood.  My story proves that this doesn’t stop when we become men. We all continue to need training, affirmation, and every so often a swift kick in our stubbornness!  I cannot think of a better context for both boys and men to find their heroes than in Christian Service Brigade.  

Now more than ever boys need heroes.  Your donation helps us equip men to build strong boys into the godly men of tomorrow.  I’m thankful God has given me another tomorrow, I plan to live it for Him. 


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