Technology Tools and Tips

Tricks and tips are not the answer to helping our sons use technology in a God honoring way. Any tools, tricks, or fences that we erect to protect them must be utilized in the context of a solid relationship with your son. Even more importantly, we must be pointing our sons to a relationship with God the father, through Jesus if he is to have any hope of having the power to withstand the temptations that so often accompany our technology use: sloth, lust, escapism, idolatry, disobedience, deceit etc. For a more in-depth article take a look at Dealing With Devices

But in the meantime here are some quick tips and principles for dealing with technology.

  • Parents should have all passwords. Your sons should not have technological privacy.
  • The device does not belong to the boy, even if he purchased it.
  • Know to what apps and games he has access
  • Limit what he can access. Be familiar with and use parental controls
  • Limit the amount of time and encourage real interaction
  • Use technology as a reward, it is not a right
  • Recognize growth and reward it
  • Do not assume. Be vigilant.

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