Helpful Technology: Fighting Fire with Fire

Technology in our lives is now unavoidable. That’s not to say that we must put devices into our children’s hasty little hands. It does mean, however, that eventually technology will be unavoidable and so we must train them when they are with us how to guard themselves and how to use technology as a tool to glorify God not as a net into which they will fall (or jump).

So please, be sure that before you give your boys access to technology, that they are ready to learn how to use it well and you are ready to guide them and take the privilege back if it becomes clear they are not ready to begin learning how to wield it well.

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Fortunately, it is possible to fight fire with fire in this electronic world. There is technology available to help us deal with … technology. Below are just a couple of the many tools available. If you have questions regarding these tools or any other uses of technology please feel free to comment so we can help you and other parents wade through this admittedly confusing and often scary part of raising a boy in the 2st century.

“Covenant Eyes”

This is by far my favorite piece of technology for keeping myself and my family safe while on the internet.  While there are plenty of other accountability and filtering applications on the market, and I’ve tried many, this is by far the best.  For one low price you can protect every device you own. This software allows you to see and filter what your boys can view. I’m busy as I know you are so Covenant eyes provides customizable reports that get sent to me at my selected frequency. If I am concerned about a particular report then Covenant eyes allows me to drill down to see if there is a real problem or not. If you don’t currently have accountability software on your devices then don’t procrastinate. Secure your devices and help secure the eyes and hearts of you and your family members.

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Time management is a huge issue when it comes to boys and their technology. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to limit your son’s videogame or television use without you needing to set timers or remember to nag him? That’s where “Bob” can be a great help. “Bob’ is  a timer you attach to the power cord of a TV or gaming console allowing you to set times and limits on device use. No need to cut the cord. Bob simply cuts the juice at the times you set.


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