A Better Story

A tale for dinnertime conversation

Ideas for discussing this story with your boys, and suggested answers, can be found here. 

The unbelieving world tells you a story: that you are the result of a cosmic “BANG!” That you are an animal. You have no purpose. You are not special. There is no God in whose image you could be made. But God tells a better story, and His story just so happens to be true. I encourage you to find a time very soon to tell this story to your sons. It’s the kind of story boys like, with a dragon to be fought, and a people to be rescued. A story that describes the kind of hero every boy should seek to be like.

“The story begins with a voice in the darkness. God spoke and words came to life.You are made by this infinite and yet personal God; made in His image, with dignity and worth. Everything you see, your favorite people, animals, foods, and vacation spots, came from His mind. People, like you, are the crown of this magnificent creation. These people came from Adam, the first man; fashioned from the dust of the earth by the breath of God. Eve is the mother of all the living and was fashioned from Adam’s side. You were fashioned by God. You reflect His creative and loving genius.

Our first parents, Adam and Eve, were given lots of room to work. They got to name all the animals, were given a garden with every fruit imaginable, and had no clothes to pinch, bind, or get in the way. There was no death, no pain, and they could walk naked with God with no need to feel ashamed. It was heaven on earth …. until the day a dragon came to ruin it all...

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