Getting a taste for truth from stories

In our previous article Telling the Truth, Carole McLeod tells the story of her son’s problem telling the truth and how she and her husband sought to tackle that sin in his life. But teaching our sons that they should love truth and helping them learn to love the taste of truth are two different (though related) parenting tasks. You can read the story here and below Carol outlines a few things that she and her husband did to help highlight for her son the truly beautiful contours of truth.

Stories both biographical and fictional are powerful in shaping the desires of our boys. Here are just a few of the resources we used to help our boys catch a vision of integrity:

• We loved any of the books of G. A. Henty
• “Great Men Bow Down” by Gordon Lawrence
• “Bonnets and Bugles” series by Gilbert Morris
• “The Hero Tales” series by Dave and Neta Jackson
• “The Adventures in Odyssey” CD’s and the Focus on the Family Radio Theater were both instrumental in teaching strong virtue to our children
• One of our favorite series of books that engaged the interest of our entire family was the “Heroes of the Faith” series published by Barbour Press

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