The Best Part of Being a Grandparent

What do you think is the best part of being a grandparent? What’s that well-worn quip? “The best thing about being a grandparent is that you can spoil the grandkids then send them home to their parents!” Really? That’s it? That’s the best thing about being a grandparent? I hope not! Who wants spoiled children running around? There’s got to be something better.

I think for most of us grandparents, our “enjoyment quotient” is high. You know, “If I had realized having grandchildren would be this much fun I would have had them first!” That’s great. I’m glad you’re enjoying being a grandparent. My wife and I are enjoying being grandparents, too. Let’s have fun with those grandkids, my friends. Let’s keep our “enjoyment quotient” high.

But, I wonder how high our “understanding quotient” is as grandparents. What I mean is, how much time and effort have we put into trying to understand God’s calling on our lives as grandparents? How proactive have we been in exploring the Bible to find out what God expects of Christian grandparents?

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About the author: Dr. Larry E. McCall is a CSB Alumnus having received our highest recognition, The Herald of Christ, as a young man. He is currently Director of Walking Like Jesus Ministries and is the author of Loving Your Wife as Christ Loves the Church. Larry is also currently writing a book on “Gospel-Centered Grandparenting”

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