Spiritual Warfare: Warriors Disguised as Regular Kids

I was standing over a frying pan, spatula in hand, slowly moving scrambled eggs over the heat. Two of our little boys sat on stools behind me at the kitchen counter waiting for their breakfast. Gratefully, the baby was still sleeping.

My younger son suddenly asked, “Mom, will I ever be in a war?”

I whipped my head over my shoulder just long enough to see the blank, curious stare of his brother barreling down at him.

“Babe, what do you mean?” I responded, assuming he had scenes of tanks and fighter jets in his head.

His expression was authentic . . . concerned, even. His fork was motionless, a wad of half-chewed food underneath one cheek as he carefully calculated how he should respond.

“Mom, will I ever be in a war… a battle . . . with Satan?”

I wasn’t quite sure how to respond to this four-year-old boy whose concept of reality at the time involved wielding a toy light-saber and wearing a cape to the grocery store. He was young, but I didn’t want to water down the Truth to the level of child’s play, nor did I want to elevate it beyond his level of understanding.

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About the author: When Priscilla is not wrangling breakfast with one hand and difficult questions from her sons with the other, she is the author of 4 books, all of which have received 5 star ratings on Amazon including Fervent: A Woman’s Battle Plan to Serious, Specific and Strategic Prayer, and her fiction The Prince Warriors trilogy the most recent of which was released in the fall of 2016. You may also have seen her as the lead role in the movie War Room.


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